Yes, You Should Hurry Up and Read ‘Dune’

Yes, You Should Hurry Up and Read ‘Dune’

If you’re an adult reader and fan of Game of Thrones or Star Wars wondering, ‘Should I read, Dune?’ I say, yes. Well, maybe not read Dune in the traditional sense. You should definitely “read” it in audiobook form. You should definitely consume it in some literary form before watching either of the film interpretations. Dune is in the science-fiction canon and a genre-shaping work. There’s a ridiculously dumb South Park episode about the so-called spice melange and other pop-culture references to Dune stuff that you just won’t get if you never read it.

Another great reason is that it presents yet another opportunity for a book-to-movie consumption combo. It’s fun to read a book and then go and watch the movie and see how the film makers adapted the whole thing.

You can read more of my thoughts on Dune in my review below.

Before there was Game of Thrones or Star Wars, there was Dune.

War and the power struggles of those who wage it have been central plot devices for millennia. War is as primal as sex and love. Now, take a world with a cosmic power struggle and add man-eating sandworms, a hostile desert planet, and an addictive magical substance, and you’ve got the epic war story baked into the science-fiction universe that is Dune.

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